Replayz - Play Away Your Cravings

Replayz is the remarkable new system designed to help you beat bad habits and addictions. It does this with strategic releases of the neurotransmitter dopamine.


  • gives you actionable alternatives to your bad habits and addictions
  • replaces destructive behaviours with positive behaviours
  • stimultates and surprises with music, video and mystery downloads
  • saves you money and your health


Replayz is available as a physical deck of cards (shown above) or as a printable PDF that you can download and play away cravings immediately. Both consist of instructions, 30 habit-busting action cards and… surprises. These surprises can be accessed upon purchase.

Results guaranteed or your money refunded.


Jason Comely is the creator of Rejection Therapy, a game hailed as a “self-help hit” and featured in media around the world. He’s also the mind behind Sesshin meditation posters and Critical Stimulus, a psychoanalysis method based on the experiments of Carl Jung.

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